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DR030 30mm Natural Brass, D-Ring, Solid Brass-LL
B1615 Antique Brass, Foot, Solid Brass-LL ***Requires The Back Post B-1414, Sold Separately***
Cowhide Full Grain 50 Sq Ft Brown Color Leather
Pig 1 Oz 12-14 Sq Ft Taupe Color Suede
B1049 1 3/4" Silver Antique Rolled, Heel Bar Buckle, Solid Brass-LL
Cowhide 30x30 Cm 3-4mm Cofee Color Leather
Cowhide 50x50 Cm 1.4-1.6mm Merlot Color Leather
B7009 1" Antique Brass, Conway Prong Buckle, Solid Brass-LL
B6226 1" Gold Plate, Roller Buckle, Solid Brass-LL
B8791 1 1/4" Polished Brass, Heel Bar Dress Buckle, Solid Brass-LL
BG Snap Setter Concave Anvil
16mm Brass Trigger Clip Round Eye
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